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CD/MP3 control

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Hmmm, is there any way to pause or stop cd /mp3 from playing - in control mode there is no pause nor stop option. Am i doing something wrong?
Also the clock on the bottom - what verion of software is that, I have US "f" unit .
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MP3/CD pause and the clock you get only with the Euro 0360 software. The US software 0040 doesn't support either of the two features.
MP3 control; and US software

Thanks for the reply - i have Euro unit sitting here idle - is there any way to pull 0360 software from it, or is there any way to get that software elseware?
The US DVD will not work with the Euro 0360 software. If you still want to upgrade you would need to get the Euro 2005_2 DVD which includes the 0360 software update.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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