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cd in rns-e...

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OH MY GOD! today i put in a cd...i do not know why!! but it freakin sitting in my driveway...and i can hearrrr!! so i go on my business driving away all happy and i turn off the car get some coffee and a apple turnover lol...and motherf*cker!!! this cd/dvd was insterted improperly...god dammit im really annoyed by this so much cause sometimes i do listen to the cd but whenever i want to...i cant! arg! just bought a ibook so 2gb sd cards are outta the question for a is there someway im supposed to insert the cd? cause when i put the dvd in its no problem. whichever way i put it in, it works...but cds...its like yuck dont put this low quality 800mb bullshit in here lol...i dunno sorry if none of this makes sense..but i was so freakin damn happy! and no kaput it dont work.
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