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Cd changer

I have checked my Avant a4 quattro cd changer to go with the RNS-E.

Part number :arrow: AE0057111C £280 plus tax retail, yes it is the same as older cd nav systems as i have checked this as well and confirmed this with my uncle's franchise and my old vehicle. In case anyone wants other part numbers for changers

without navigation :roll: i.e Concert stero use 8E0057111, part number for the cd changer lead is 8E0051592

Glove box part number for A4 2004 8E2857035g26z for grey, blue 3zq beige 4qc, black 6ps Prices £124 plus tax main dealer prices in the UK

These part numbers are all glove box changers only
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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