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Cd changer/radio help needed

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A liitle help needed,kinda not nav related but im hoping someone might be able to help me out,my friend is trying to fit a glovebox 6 cd changer to his 2001(B6)AUDI A4,The car has an Audi Chorus tapedeck/radio installed in it,when he wires in the glovebox 6 cd changer to his chorus head unit there is no functionality with the cd changer,there is power there but it will not take in any cds etc,my question really is does the chorus tapedeck/radio head unit work with a glovebox 6 cd changer??
the part number of the glovebox 6 cd changer is 8E0 035 111
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If you call it a Chorus II then this must be from somewhere in Europe; in the states, they call it Concert II. I believe the OEM CD changer will work with it. See this site:

You might need to "VAG" the Chorus II to recognize the glovebox CD Changer: See link:

The 5 digit code should have 7 at the end (xxxx7).

Good luck!
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