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CD Changer problem on my RNS E please help me RESOLVED

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hi all after driving to meet craigyb who offered to help me with the problems of my CD changer and tel - / + he sorted all the issues out. as you all quite correctly predicted the VAG com was the answer my RNS E was programed for a factory fit telephone which turns off the tel -/+ so after telling it no factory phone and rebooting the unit my tel -/+ came into life. secondly my cd changer had all the discs still loaded into it from when i had my old sat nav RNS D so after craigyb trying differant rev numbers of CD Changers which worked he worked out that if we eject the CDs and then reload them it would see the CD Changer and guess what fully loaded Sat nav so a massive THANK YOU to craigyb and all of this forum that responded to my request for help. if there is anyone in the UK looking for installation of the RNS E or help contact craigyb he is superb on the knowledge of the RNS E
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No i have the rev C but we tried the 8e0 035 111 ( no lettres ) and that worked with no problems
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