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CD Changer and Phatnoise on RNSe

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Hi guys

I know this subject has been seen a few times, but I cannot find a definate answer. I have seen a switcher so that both phatnoise and cd changer can be used with the RNSe, is this still about? If so how do I get one.. Phatnoise is driving me crazy!


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I am looking for the same............

It seems that you need a Y-splitter, so you can connect both the Phatnoise and the CD changer to this splitter and connect the splitter to the RNS-E.

since both are sending "CD changer commands" to the RNS=E, you should find a way to select either on of them.

Currently I did not find anybody who makes these splitters, let alone a splitter that can be switched (semi)autmaically............

any ideas very welcome!
The guy who used to make a switcher stopped some time back. So AFAIK currently there is no off-the-shelf product.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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