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Don't know if anyone still checks this area, but I have an '88 5000/100 that was accidentally fed 10% ethanol fuel for a couple of weeks. I've replaced the fuel filter, and everything else besides the fuel distributor appears fine.

I had to replace the fuel distributor because the o-rings on the piston were leaking to the point where my air box was filling with fuel. I estimate I was dumping a gallon on the ground for every gallon I burned by the time I had sourced a replacement.

Now, the car refuses to start. In removing the air box assembly, I tried to remove a check valve from the rubber plenum connecting the air box to the throttlebody. The barb that goes into the hose on the rubber plenum crushed when I tried to remove it. Nothing that I have tried as a "kludge" will form a good enough seal, so I am losing vacuum on this thing. The other two connections on this valve go to the throttlebody and the distributor vacuum canister. Does anyone know what this valve is, do I need it, and is it keeping my car from starting?

I should also point out that I have not "bled" the lines from the distributor to the injectors, as nothing I can find says that this is necessary on a Bosch setup like this. Is that correct or a glaring omission?
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