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can't access radio/nav with vag-com.. rns-e US unit...

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hey everyone, got my nav installed and set up and all but I can't connect to it with my vag-com to setup anything? i'm trying to connect on STG 56 just as the instructions state, any help would be appreciated!

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Did you double check that the k-wire is connected? VAg-COM talks via k-wire with the RNS-E.
thanks for the reply, i checked and the K wire is connected properly, someone PMed me saying it might be my vag com, i'm currently running the ISO-Com, have had it about 4 years or so.... might just be out dated, i did updated the vag software last year though
Try using 5.04 or better 5.10, older versions are known to fail communicating with the RNS-E.
gotcha, thanks, i have a call into the folks at ross-tech to upgrade my software
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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