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Cannot get clock synchronized with instrument cluster in B5

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Apparently there is no way to set the clock in a B5 S4, as it does not get the clock info from the instrument cluster. This is odd as everything displays on the DIS perfectly so one would think the clock info would make it over as well. It could be that the clock info is not transmitted on the CAN on the B5, just as the speed signal is not transmitted. Also, the offset from GPS is disabled, so there is no way to set the clock. Is there a way to disable the instrument cluster so that one can use GPS momentarily to set the clock and then switch back?
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I've just connected up my RNS-E to my B6 and started to play around with the settings. I don't have the navigation stuff working yet (don't have the DVD), but I did notice in one of the menus that the clock was sync'd to the car's clock and the option was greyed out so I couldn't change it. I'm assuming that when I get the sat's online, the option will be selectable...
jnrdavo said:
I'm assuming that when I get the sat's online, the option will be selectable...
Not the case. See the discussion later in this forum and on the AudiNav group on Yahoo! - when the RNS-E is fully connected to the car the ONLY option for clock setting is "instrument cluster". Setting from GPS only appears when you are not connected to the instrument cluster - which when you don't have the radio controlled instrument clock (i.e. all of us who don't live in Germany) means the RNS-E sets it's clock from the inaccurate instrument cluster and ignores the accurate GPS time.

Crazy, (gets off soap box) ...
Clock issue is annoying because it displays the incorrect eta based on the RNS-E clock. Anyone found a solution to this yet? anything on the german forums?
The RS4 guy is the only one who installed the RNS-E in a B5 (at least the only one I read about) and he has the same problem. There were a couple of messages from A6 C5 owners though and it looks like you need a certain minimum software version in your instrument cluster to send the time over CAN to the RNS-E. Maybe it is possible to get an 2001+ A6 C5 cluster and somewho combine both? Just an idea...
I wonder which clusters will fit properly and work? I doubt they are all that different. The thing I like about the S4 cluster is that everthing in it is red except for the needles, while some others are not.
I wonder if upgrading to a newer version of the cluster to get the clock signal on the CAN will also put the speed signal on the CANBUS. Does anyone know if the Speed signal gets on the CAN from the instrument cluster controller? It would make sense.
No A6 C5 or Allroad has speed over CAN. The newer clusters (as used in the 2001+ cars) support the other signals but not speed, which is the reason for the 4B0 RNS-E. Sorry...
Is there anyway to disconnect the clock in our instrument clusters from the RNS-E and still keep the clock working? This would eliminate the GPS and ETA timing dibocle. If not there may be adapters out there we could convert. They use these adapters on Audi's with after market stereos to keep the CAN functioning properly. As far as why this is happening - it has nothing to do with wiring (although the A6 is slightly different) it has to do with programming. The RNS-E can be prgrammed to look for certain signals and of course send them throughout the car. We just don't have the correct programming/software to make it a complete plug and play install on our B5's. Unless a computer software programmer, extremely familiar with the coding of the RNS-E helps us out, we won't be able to completely fix this problem or even the sound quality problem you mentioned in another subject. There are several spots still available on the RNS-E for different software judging by the VAG settings (skipping certain numbers which will be used for future cars instead of past).
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Did you ever find a fix to the clock issue? Does the clock in the tachometer work? Does it turn on and light up or is it completely blank like the RNS-E in the RS4?
The clock in the tack works fine. I just cant set the clock in the RNS-E. As a result I don't have correct eta when route is calculated. As I understand the eta is usually not very accurate anyway so I don't consider it an issue just a minor annoyance
Did you try to remove RNS-E Fuse or disconnect battery til midnight 0:00 to have RNS-E internal clock set correctly ? Just a guess but could work and cost nothing to try... :roll:
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