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CANbus (dig. to analog for speed signal): Soudgate Device

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Found this device on Not sure how we would use it in a RNS-E or RNS-D install. Could be used with a B6/B7 A4/S4 install, if you want to put a switch on the speed signal to have video in motion (DVD, TV tuner). Not sure. This device seems very similar to the Dietz 1280.

CAN-BUS to Analog Speed Pulse Part # CANPULSE3
The CANPULSE3 interface will pick up CAN-BUS data and convert it into a conventional analog speed pulse that is used to add aftermarket navigation radios. This connects to the "interior CAN" wiring of the vehicle

Features Include:
Due to complexity of install, this interface is being sold through our authorized SoundGate dealers only
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Only if you use a A6 RNS-E or 3rd party navi. All it does is to convert the CAN speed signal into an analogue speed signal, no filtering which would be required for video in motion in the B6/B7 and A3.
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