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Can you identify this Nav unit?

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Can you ID this? And if so, where can it be purchased? It's obvious that its a Japanese unit. But I'm wondering about model # and why it never made it to EU and US...

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The reason why it never made it to the US or Europe is because it doesn't work anywhere but Japan. No maps, no radio, the build-in TV tuner won't work either, just the MD and DVD player are usable. Part number is 8E0 035 192 A. Such units show up from time to time on but they are completely useless outside Japan.
Spare parts code:

8E0 035 192 J

It's a special RNS-E made for far east markets (I personally think only Japan, or at least that is the meaning of letter "J" at the end).

It does have MiniDisk player embedded...

You can see other pictures in forum's album...

Someone between us has already been so crazy to buy one (or maybe, only faster on eBay... ;-) !!!)

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Here are a couple more pics:
Mickymix is right, the older unit was 8E0 035 193A and the newer RNS-JP3 is 8E0 035 192J.
Hmmm... Interesting. Thanks!
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