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TeddyBGame said:
actually, in a 2001 A6, you can tap into the CAN-bus for GALA/speed, illumination and Ignition signal by adding two pins/wires behind the instrument cluster (see my sig for detailed pix). See Lee Hicks awesome Symphony II install (with OEM SAT button) in his 2001 A6.

I guess, if you have a 1999 or is unknown if you have the CAN-bus or not...or at lease a CAN-enabled instrument cluster (which is where you'd need to get the GALA/illumation/ignition signals. However, it is assummed that if you have an instrument cluster that has the digital clock (not the analog clock) below your tachometer....then you can tap into the CAN-bus.

Food for thought.

There is still a difference :

my euro 2002 A6 has can-bus behind the radio ( orange/lilac (high) and orange/brown (low) ), but it does not work when connected to the rns-E
Behind the cluster I have no grey connector to tap the can-bus wires from.
My cluster does however have the digital clock.

My guess is that the wires behind my radio are comfort can and not infotainment can. I had to buy the Can emulator to get the illumination/ignition/... Sadly, my dis does not show any info about radio, cd or nav.

ps : I have a small dis ( not the big one u guys have, that's why i don't have that middle grey connector behind the cluster )
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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