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spl3ndr said:
TeddyBGame said:
actually, in a 2001 A6, you can tap into the CAN-bus for GALA/speed, illumination and Ignition signal by adding two pins/wires behind the instrument cluster (see my sig for detailed pix). See Lee Hicks awesome Symphony II install (with OEM SAT button) in his 2001 A6.

I guess, if you have a 1999 or is unknown if you have the CAN-bus or not...or at lease a CAN-enabled instrument cluster (which is where you'd need to get the GALA/illumation/ignition signals. However, it is assummed that if you have an instrument cluster that has the digital clock (not the analog clock) below your tachometer....then you can tap into the CAN-bus.

Food for thought.


There is still a difference :

my euro 2002 A6 has can-bus behind the radio ( orange/lilac (high) and orange/brown (low) ), but it does not work when connected to the rns-E
Behind the cluster I have no grey connector to tap the can-bus wires from.
My cluster does however have the digital clock.

My guess is that the wires behind my radio are comfort can and not infotainment can. I had to buy the Can emulator to get the illumination/ignition/... Sadly, my dis does not show any info about radio, cd or nav.

ps : I have a small dis ( not the big one u guys have, that's why i don't have that middle grey connector behind the cluster )

I'm putting life back into this thread, as I have the same issue.
My 2002 A6 with "half FIS" (just outside temp. and autocheck, probably the same as "spl3ndr" here has.
I had to use a CAN-BUS adapter to make the RNS-E and BT set work. It worked flawlessly, exept the light dim function.

Now, the older chorus casettetape deck witch was installed actually use CAN-BUS also. I have 2 can-bus wires going into the cassette deck.
I have now tried to change the instrument to one with full FIS (i dont have the code for the Immobilizer so I cannot use it to start my car...)
I took the instrument with FIS and switched it with mine. Logged into channel 62, adapted and "voila"! The RNS-E lights up and turns off with ignition.
The fun part is that the grey connector (the middle one) is not connected yet. It is completely empty.

So my thought is that the CAN-BUS wires goes someplace else, but where? Could I possibly find this another place?

I don't have channel 62 in the old instrument cluster, so its impossible to recode it to support navigation.
But is anyone familiar if there is a infotainment CAN-BUS "somewhere" else than in the channel 62 of the instrument?

Hope I made myself understandable, as you probably have guessed my main language isn't English.. :lol:

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AudiA4B6US said:
I don't have a wiring plan for the A6 but I would trust what NSXJr has posted in his documents. In any case, the cluster is the source for all CAN busses (at least in the B6 and C5), so the CAN infotainment wires have to be connected. There is no other source for CAn infotainment if the cluster is not used.
What struck me is that my car does not have infotainment can-bus. But Audi has connected the can h/l cables to the Chorus (anyone know if this communicate with canbus? It is the "soul" colour, and does not have any cables with "light", ignition or like it connected)
So it seem to use a can-bus signal... :shock:

I will try to see where the can-bus wires goes tonight...
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