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BT/RNS-E coding, B7 A4, searched site, please help

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I've been looking for help on this on other boards, but figured I would try the source of my info (here) as well

I Installed the BT module in my 2006 A4 this weekend and it works great, but I am having an issue getting it working with the navigation system thats got me a little confused.

I coded my module and nav with the directions on here, and was able to accomplish everything except coding the navigation for a temic box (did it generic US instead, wouldn't accept temic).

my issue is this...I can press the mode button on my steering wheel and bring up my phonebook in the DIS, I even have SDS functionality (voice recognition) by using the voice key on the steering wheel (which displays on the nav), BUT, I cannot access any phone features from the navigation unit, they are all greyed out.

the weird part is, when i get a call, it comes up on the nav with full caller ID, and the car clearly supports my phonebook because I can bring it up in the DIS (motorola Q). why could my nav not be bringing up the phones features?

other members on this site have mentioned successfully using this phone btw.

i also do not get the bluetooth icon which is interesting, just the antenna strength. other than the nav not controlling the phone, the system works flawless

any help??? thanks in advance!!!

btw, i have an RNS-E reflashed to US, No bose, No tech package (I have the red DIS) and a multifunction steering wheel, on a 2006 A4
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What is your current coding and part number for the RNS-E and the phone interface you are using?
Sounds like your RNS-E is coded correctly (0xxx6xx).

Your BT module should be 0011877 for car with MFSW in the USA.
thanks for the quick reply guys....

AudiA4B6US: I'll run out to my car and pull the codes and check the part number

NSXJR: Thanks, I'll try that if mine is different

I'll let you guys know in a second. Thanks!
you guys are seriously impressive...

i had ONE number wrong, my TEL module was coded 0001877 vs. 0011877

my bluetooth module is a "G" unit btw and i'm not sure of the nav (didn't pull it after it worked) but its an EU unit flashed to US from Rival

my nav is coded 0309635 btw for anyone referencing this thread who is thinking about/having trouble with a retrofit on a B7

my motorola Q is now fully compatible, phonebook, recent calls, everything...even have the bluetooth icon now!

thanks guys
boochpsu said:
i had ONE number wrong, my TEL module was coded 0001877 vs. 0011877
That's the number that enables the Bluetooth "extended functions" i.e. control via the RNS-E!
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