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BT phone Q - new post

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sorry for new post but its clearer.

okay so phone works I can connect, make calls and see things in the DIS. However in the DIS I do not see the number i am calling just call/end call/bt on/bt off. I the RNSe does not show anything when phone is connected. So i am down to 3 remaining issues.

1) how do i sync the phonebook to the RNS-e.

For the next 2 would updated software solve it?

2) i cannot dial from the RNSe - is that related to #3 below or something else?

3) i get the following screens when i press the TEL button NOTHING else will come up - it appears to be a voice menu. I cannot do anything but scroll no voice command is not recognized. I know the mic works b/c i can make phone calls.

Question is should i hook up mic to/through RNSe and see if i can control things that way. It appears if i say "cancel" it will "return to ready" which i think is what i want.

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