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BT pairing and PhoneBook sync

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I have finally fit my "C" interface with correct coding but I've come across some minor "bugs" (?)...

I already had my phone in the cradle as before changing the BT module from "E" to "C" and thus I did not had to BT pair the phone at the very first switching on.

The phone is a Nokia 6230.
I have found that the maximum number of phonebook entries which the interface handles is limited to 420.
420 is just the limit of PHONE NUMBERS I was able to find in the "memory" function, not the limit of NAMES (which may have multiple numbers and which are kept different by small icons before the numbers on the RNS-E and kept different by /P for Personal (?) or /W for Work (?) on FIS/DIS display).
I don't know why, but not all my phonebook has been synced with the interface: among the 420 entries I was able to transfer, there is a mixture of SIM and Phone entries.
I still have to understand which is the rule that handles the sync: maybe SIM entries are synced first then Phone until the phonebook is full... but I have no confirmation yet and I don't know how to possibly check this...
Also, there is no difference between BT and Cradle behaviour: same limit, same entries...

The second problem I've found is about voice dialing: I already had such function with "E" module and it was something more easy to use (some minor pronouciation troubles from the lady).
Among the function available over voice command there are two which are not working anymore: "Delete Name" and "Delete PhoneBook" (I don't know if the names are correct, I always use the italian versions but I think you understood the meaning). They are also reported to work as being read by the lady and being visible on RNS-E screen.
Anyway, if I pronounce the commands I get a "Function not available" message from the lady (please note, not a "Command not recognised" and this means the command have been completely understood !!!).
This never happened to me before and I was able to change the first vocal entry I made just by using the reset function available on RNS-E setup screen.
Is this a bug of this "C" version ? Is this a bug of the Italian part of the module ? Is this related to a not-perfect coding of some module ?


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Does anyone with VOICE commands reports the same problem I have with command received but "not available" as my Bluetooth module is reporting to me ???

And is there anyone trying to sync more than 420 phonebook numbers ???

I'm the only one ??? :cry:
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