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BT Module and canbus adaptor

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Just tested an RNS-E with a canbus adaptor and that worked ok, so I thought, well if this is working for canbus, maybe the phone kit will power up when it sees the can, and sure enough it works.

So, all you, very few canbus adaptor users can have Bluetooth OEM kits.

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Hi craig.

can u tell me more about the Canbus adapter?

I bought the can bus adaptor for an A6 2002 that had no DIS, so the can was not infotainment to the symphony, when we plugged in the the RNS-E, it wouldn't power up from the ignition and also no lights.

So this canbus adapator sold on ebay costs around 130 euros and generates canbus signals for ignition, lighting, reverse and speed pulse from the common analogue signals found in your car.

It's really designed for pre 2001 cars without canbus that want to use an RNS-E.

My Toyota Hiace van has a double din slot, guess whats going in there?

Just got to find the speed pulse from the back of the cluster.

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thanks for sharing.

Does it work on my 01'B5 RS4?

It should work on any non can bus Audi, but I cannot guarantee that. And it would be foolish of me to say yes.

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