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BT installed in trunk

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Not the most elegant, but it was the easiest for me. I won't bore you with details already documented, but I'll list differences that may help give ideas to others.

- All routing to trunk was with CAT5 cable except for power and ground (used heavier gauge). I ran two CAT5 and twisted pair power/GND under the floor molding. I didn't even remove the molding, just shoved the wires under.

- I spliced power from RNS-E harness instead of at fuse box ( I was also too lazy to disconnect the battery, but was carefulnot to short anything while working. Do this at your own risk).

- The Sirius and TEL modules are sitting in a cubby hole on the driver side trunk. I probably will eventually hide them behind the carpet.

If I was to do this again. I wouldn't buy a TEL harness. I would just get the connector and route with CAT5. It seems to work fine.

I believe the power to the RNS-E is constant (you can turn on radio when car is turned off), but when I turn off the car, the BT disables. So I don't think you need to use a power that is switched with ignition.

Now my only problem is getting my Treo650 to send favorites and recent calls to RNS-E .

-- Craig
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I believe this is first trunk install ;) gongratz
I am also planning a trunk install... can you tell me how good the BT signal strength is from back there?
It seems to be pretty strong. If I leave the car on in the garage, I can go well into my house and still have a connection. I did have a concern with mic routing, but it doesn't seem to be an issue.

My only issue now is not transferring recent calls and favortes into memory from my treo650. I was able to do this when I borrowed an '06 A6, but now I cannot get anything into memory except for manual entries into the nav. Any ideas on fixing this?
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