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Broken GPS antenna?

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Hi, I sent a gps antenna to the US, but it seams it's defect. This is the messsage of the guy which received it:

Ok, so we checked the back of the unit to make sure the antenna is plugged in correctly. And unplugged all the antennas and plugged them back in, tried the hard reset thing and we are still getting “0 Satellitesâ€. So I think it might be the antenna. Do you know if there is a way to just test the antenna?

Is there a way? Before I send a new antenna?
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I got a broken antenna directly from kufatec, tested my friends antenna and my navigator strated gettin satelites. I don't know if it can be measured.
Its either going to be the antenna itself or it may not be plugged in properly (unlikely).

I guess his SatNav could be broken - get him to send you the defective one back before issuing a new one.
Shipping may be more expensive than sending a new one. A broken GPS antenna may cause a fault code when checking #56. There is also the possibility that the middle pin is broken off, people have reported seeing this with the HF/ZF antenna plugs.
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