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Bought off eBay?

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I'm just curious as to whether anyone else here has bought off ebay from Andreas Schröter a.k.a. AudiCar2003?

I'm having an issue with this individual. I know one other person here who has had the same issue, and I'm curious as to whether anyone else here has experiences, good or bad, with this person.

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I know andreas he is a good guy he become many units from me
So far from AudioCar2003 We have had just 1 item.

Canbus emulator for RNS-E in non canbus car, faulty on arrival, still awaiting a replacement.

Can't say that I can recommed him for future purchases.

Also had a TV free device off ebay that was made by that company "AudioCar2003" and it has no enable/disable facility so the Navigation is stuffed. Seems to be a cheap clone of a dietz 1280 at the same price.
Hi Mario,

You must be using a translator. By "became", do you mean bought, or sold? Do you sell him units?

He sold me two navigation units with defects (one had a broken GPS antenna connector and one had a broken radio connector), and completely wrong accessories. I've been trying for two months to get this straightened out, and I'm having no luck.

His English is not good enough for us to communicate. We tried German and my German is not good enough. He's supposed to have someone who speaks better English call me. I really hope we get this resolved. It's getting ugly. He won't answer direct questions and keeps saying something about me breaking them during installation (not true), and something about his lawyer and letting the courts decide.

I shipped the units back to him in Germany at a cost to me of $150. He refused them, so now I have to pay $150 to get them back (or surrender them to the German government). The creditcard company gave me my money back because I made a good faith attempt to return the defective merchandise. Now I have the money and the defective navigation units. This is not my intention, but I won't be letting go of them again without some compensation.

Friends, learn from my experience of buying these two nav systems.
Units and Accessories including PayPal fee and shipping: $2288
The correct antenna adapters for them (Andreas included completely wrong adapters): about $60
The correct Kufatec harness for one (One was correct, the other included a weird harness that was missing the entire connector including K-Line, V-Signal, CDC controls, etc.): about $60
Shipping the crap back to Germany: $150
Shipping back to the U.S. because he refused receipt: $150
Removal keys (promised by Andreas but not included): $15

I'm well over $2723 for two still defective nav units. I bought the connector to fix one of them from DigiKey, but the other one is a lot harder. It's a hard-to-find connector that's directly connected to the logic board.

Oh, and not that it matters at this point, but one of the units gets "too many communications errors", and the other one VAGs as either a "C" or "D" unit (don't remember which). They are labeled as and have faceplates for "P" units.
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Sorry that my english is bad, too! :O(
I was often very sleepy in the English school teaching.

That was a crazy deal with him, i understand.

But this units were not my!
I have only real EU C,D and newst H and US F Units
What do you mean with!?:

>> They are labeled as and have faceplates for "P" units.
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P and R units are short for 4B0 035 192 P and R, the A6 C5 units. Several have gotten RNS-E units with an A6 faceplate and top label but the unit itself showed up as 8E0 035 192 C or D when checked with VAG-COM.
Bought RNS-E

Hello, I just received my RNS-E from Andy off of eBay today. He didn't supply me with radio removal tools or a security code to activate the unit. I have emailed him and am waiting for a response. I have yet to try the install to see if it works. I am doing that tomorrow in hope I get to use the new GPS for my 2000 mile road trip to Steamboat, Colorado for skiing this entire next week. Anyway, I am wondering how all of your guys' issues turned out with Audiocar2003 on ebay.

My issue is still in progress. I wouldn't bet the farm on a good resolution.

The security code is probably on a sticker on the unit. On one of the two units I bought, it was a small silver sticker with a printer four digit number. On the other unit, it was a round white sticker with a hand-written four digit number.

What does the antenna adapter he sent you look like? He seems to always send out the wrong antenna adapter. The adapter he sends out won't actually plug into the unit.

Are the radio antenna and GPS antenna plugs in good shape? There's a tiny pin in the middle of each connector. If you don't have perfect vision, you'll need a magnifying glass. Are the pins there?
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