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Bluetooth TEL Module

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If I have a TEL module in my car from my previous Telematics system can I remove it from under the pasenger seat and install this bluetooth module using the cables that were previously hooked up to my old wired telematics module? Then have everything wired like it needs to be and just add the bluetooth antenae?

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I'm not sure if Telematics use 54 pin conector. Also Telematics wiring can be different from BT telephone wiring. I guess you will need to access your Telematics module to be sure.
Do you think that I need to disconnect that module already there for the bluetooth one to work? Also I think the mic wire run to the TEL module under the seat so I should be able to connect the mic the the new cable from there if if I need to use a new cable right?
I'm looking into doing the same but still haven't decided yet what the best approach would be. the Telematics interface sits in the same location under the passenger seat, but the plug is different. Someone would need to change all the pins and put the into the right location. The other issue is the fact that the phone interface is not connected to the comfort CAN but the Telematics module is. Leaving the comfort CAN wires unterminated may cause some noise on the CAN bus which is a good idea.

I'm currently more tending towards installing both parallel. Since the Telematics module is address #75 and the phone interface has #77, this shouldn't be an issue. I don't know yet what to do with the microphone as the OEM mic is already used by Telematics. One option would be to try and move the Telematics mic somewhere else. Since I'm not using OnStar this shouldn't be an issue. But disconnecting the OnStar mic will cause an error which I don't want either. Maybe there is enough space in the interior light to host both mics? We will see.

At least the connection to the RNS-E should be no issue. A couple of people have simply connected both parallel to the phone pins. This seems to work, unless of course you get a phone call while you are on an OnStar call.
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Someone needs to check out the wiring diagrams for the B7 with telematics and bluetooth. I suspect that there must be more pinouts on the bluetooth 54 pin connector, probably for mic and tel audio pass through (kind of like the old navigation has tel audio pass through). There has to be a correct way to have both modules installed.
Audi never offered a phone interface and Telematics together. The OnStar system came with a harness to fit a Audi Motorola V60 but that's all. The Telematics is using the same phone pins on the head unit as the phone interface.

I did some research already using erWin/Bentley and this is the pin assignment for the 42 pin multiconnector used for the Telematics interface:
1 - Horn
2 - Door Lock
3 - Celluar Phone - Audio input
4 - Celluar Phone - Battery feedback
5 - Celluar Phone - Ground
6 - Celluar Phone - Transmit (RS232)
7 - Celluar Phone - Line 1 (Tx)
8 - Celluar Phone - Shielded Ground
9 - CAN High Infotaiment
10 - Audio out (+)
11 - Emergency Speaker (+)
12 - Inside Microphone (+)
13 - Data Link Connector (DLC)
14 - Switched positive - Terminal X
15 - LED red
16 - LED green
18 - Ground GND Terinal 31
19 - Ground GND Terinal 31
22 - Lights
23 - Door Unlock
24 - Celluar Phone - Audio Output
25 - Celluar Phone - Audio Ground
26 - Celluar Phone - Power
27 - Celluar Phone - Receive (RS232)
28 - Celluar Phone - Line 2 (Rx)
29 - Celluar Phone - Hook Switch
30 - CAN Low Infotainment
31 - Audio out
32 - Eergency Speaker (-)
33 - Inside Micropone (-)
34 - Mute
35 - Keypad in
36 - Keypad Power
38 - Airbag (Crash) Line output
39 - Battery positive (B+) - Terminal 30
40 - Battery positive (B+) - Terminal 30
41 - Backup battery (+)
42 - Backup battery (+)

Pin 2 and 23 (Door Lock are connected to the comfort CAN) and either pin 41 or pin 42 is (-) and not (+) as shown in the repair manual. Overall it doesn't look that difficult to adapt this to fit the BT phone interface. If only the Telematics module wouldn't be installed under the floor carpet under the passenger seat. The good thing would be that the microphone wire and harness to the head unit is already in place.
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My thoughts were that the BT module had the pass throughs... so the telematics would connect to the BT module... then the BT module connects to the HU. Can you verify the FULL pinouts of hte BT module 54 pin connector... I know about pins 1-18... but what are the other 36 pins for?

Doesn't the B7 have a Bluetooth preparation option along with telematics?
37 to 52 are for the cradle, the others are not used as far as I can tell so far.
AudiA4B6US said:
37 to 52 are for the cradle, the others are not used as far as I can tell so far.
I appreciate all the info you can give on this, it's just speculation on my part.
Ok so knowing the pin layout of the conector where does that leave things. Is there any way to incorperate Telematics into the setup and use the OEM mic?
So is it not going to be possible to use teh harness already in the B6's for the bluetooth module?
CZVT07 said:
So is it not going to be possible to use teh harness already in the B6's for the bluetooth module?
Nobody said that it is not possible. It's just that nobody has done it yet.
I would try this setup if I knew the wires that I would have to take out of the installed harness and where I could get the right connector peice to fit into the tel interface module
NSX JR posted the part numbers for the plugs and pin here:

And these are the pins for the BT interface:

The pins for the OnStar interface are listed earlier in this thread. Now some one has to figure out how to do the OnStar to BT update the right way...
Do you know if the new B7's with bluetooth have onstar as well?
No, OnStar is no longer available from Audi.
I see, I am not too fimiliar with the onstar setup. If you dont mind can you explain how the unit is set up, thanks.
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