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Bluetooth Module

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HI I need someone to point me as to where can I buy bluetoot module for A4 plus the mike and a harness - is there anything else? Thanks
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Bluetooth module you can get from dealer. It's around $550-600
Harness, mic and antenna you can buy as a package at
I have also few kits like that if you are interested.

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I called my dealer and they said that I could not get the module... end of story, even if I wanted to get it "red" ordered.
They also said that it is not possible to install NAV in Audis older than 2005 :lol: Same story with XM radio and TEL retrofit. Somehow magically everything is working :D lol

Don't worry, most of the US Audi dealers doesn't have a clue about Audis. They proved it many times. You can give them part # 8P0 862 335 B that should be much easier for those "specialists"

I should have few TEL modules but not sure how many and when. I will post it on the forums.
Well the guy I talked to had no idea what I was talking about until I gave him the part# then he tells me that I can't get it... but you are right they have no idea. Please do let me know about any modules comming in I will pay in advance to reserve.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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