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Bluetooth Mod on Allroad 2003

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I have upgraded to RNS-E Europe version for A6, SW 0360 HW 044.
I have also installed "C" TV Tuner with a switch on the GALA signal for the video in motion feature and evrething works great.
Next step is to complete install with inetgrated Bluetooth Tel support.
Actually i have parrot ck 3000 working fine, but outside rns-e----

What is needed to install the bluetooth module? I found posts only for A4..
Sorry if my question is so stupid.. :oops:
My car is an Alloroad, 2003.


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Bluetooth OEM TEL interface is connecting directly to the RNS-E so it deasn't matter what model you drive. It will work.
All the BT OEM Parts work in all the cars I have tested, A3, A4, A6 and A8 (D2).

I have installed in an all road and no problems.

Upgrade the DVD to 2005_2 though for full functionality.

Thank you guys! I will look at bluetooth posts.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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