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Bluetooth Antenna Audi Microphone and Audi Tel Interface

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Hello can anyone sell me these object?
Because i live in Italy and my Audi delaer will not sell me the objects.
PLease i have an Audi A3 2004 with rns-e EU.

Please answer me as soon as possible.

Thank you

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We have in stock Bluetooth cable kits:

- Phone interface harness
- Microphone
- Bluetooth antenna

check our site at:
Yes but i have already the cable i need only the microphone the antenna bluetooth and Audi TEL interface 8P0862 335A the last one have to be new because if it isn't new the audi dealer will not install it on my car because he told me that he can have some problem with the police when he connect it to the Vag COM.
They are all brand new...we should have Phone interfaces this week too.

And by the way..VAG COM is not a part of police network :lol: so your dealer is full of.... I'm suprised that he dod not tell you that your car will blow up when you connect it ;) LOL
Can you sell me the microphone without the cable because i have already this one.
I didn't know that you had these one before now and i bought the cable from kufatec.

Thank you very much for your help.
I think that the Audi dealer is a stupid but he is the only one that can do the job to me.
Icejedy said:
I think that the Audi dealer is a stupid but he is the only one that can do the job to me.
Sounds like it would be better to learn how do to it yourself rather than trust it to a "stupid dealer". I wouldn't want anyone stupid messing with my car!
I need the European Audi Tel Interface (part# 8P0 862 335 A)
Icejedy said:
I need the European Audi Tel Interface (part# 8P0 862 335 A)
Are you sure you need the A version? As craigyb has said in another post the latest version is F, i.e. 8P0 862 335 F.
I don't think there is any difference between C / A / F
Same like there is no difference in navs E / F or C / D

I would rather look at the software numbers because all functionality sits there ;)
Help needed please

Please help!! I have the RNSE-E DVD Sat Nav unit without the phone prep in my Audi A4 2004.

Can you advise which BT kit I need to get it all working? I'm in the UK.

Thanks in advance.
You will need Cable kit and module C or A (suppose to be the latest one)
Check also part numbers section here
Actually the latest Euro phone interface has the index F...
Proxus do you have now the Audi Tel INterface?
because you told me that this week you received the interface.
I have packages coming from 2 different suppliers.
One from Germany is stuck at the customs, but I expect it any day now, other one will be here Tuesday (at least that's what DHL says). I will email everyone who paid tracking # and keep you guys posted.
Sorry i didn't understand your english can you explain me easier what happened?
if you have or not the interface or are you waiting?
I need it but i need also the microphone and the antenna.
Can you make a price?

Please answer me as soon as possible.

Thank you

Best regards

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I'm waiting because cargo was stuck in customs.
I will have them this week.

email me for details
Did you receive the Audi Tel Interface?
I believe they will be here today. Problem with DHL is that you can't track it live. I called them directly and they said that my package cleared customs and it should be delivered today or tomorrow.
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