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Best place to buy RNS-E units and parts...

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Just trying to see where members have gotten their units and parts... from reading the forums it seems many people get their parts from:

- Euro-Parts in the States
( )
- Kufatec in Germany
- classifieds

I have looked on ebay for RNS-E units, but theres not a lot of them out there. I am looking for a used

4B0 035 192 P Audi A6 Europe, C5 and Allroad OR
4B0 035 192 R Audi A6 North America, C5 and Allroad

for my 2001 A4 B5. Has anyone had any success outside of the forums and ebay? I tried to contact some salvage yards but no one has any units.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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