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Ever since I installed the RNS, the Bluetooth TEL, and the XM module, my car's battery keeps dying. Dealer found a constant draw of 35-70 mA (tested by the VAG 5151). Dealer says my (four year old) battery tests fine.

With the car off and alarmed with me sitting inside, my speakers hissed and I could hear the RNS' fan. A couple of weeks ago, I pulled the RNS, double-checked the PNP harness, and installed the Alarm Ground lead.

I brought the car to the dealer today for something unrelated, and they managed to kill the battery themselves. They did a jumpstart and sent me on my way. This evening, the battery died a 2nd time, and this time I got a Battery Warning icon in the yellow section of my DIS. I got the car started by popping the clutch downhill, then went and parked and idled. After I'd idled for a while, I turned off the car, set the alarm, and sat inside. I could hear the speakers hiss and the RNS' fan. Exactly 10 minutes later, the RNS and amp turned off.

I had convinced myself before the dealer killed the battery today that everything was going to be alright/get better. But now, I can't trust my car and don't want to get stranded somewhere where I can't pop the clutch or get a jump from my wife's car.

Long story short, I need some help from someone in the Bay Area (preferably here in San Francisco). I will pay for their time. I just need my car to be reliable again. Any suggestions?
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