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The car :
  • A4 B7 06.2005
    no Bose© but 10 OEM!! HP (including a subwoofer)
    RNS-E (HW72, SW460) coded 301711
    BT module (version J)
The problem :
  • Everything is like the base volume of the RNS-E is to high.
Why :
  • 1. Volume settings for navigation instructions have to be negative (I mean the knob is at 8 o'clock) to be acceptable.
    2. Gala (set on 5) have more effect when I set the volume higher.
    3. Warning sound volume for BT connection (when the phone get connected) is to high.
  • a. Is there a way to control the base volume of the RNS-E (just like the BT module)?
    b. Is there a different code for A4 b7 (with vag com)
Let's think about it and tell us.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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