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Hi, my car came with a euro RNS-E unit installed. It was working when I test drove the car, but upon pickup the display was dead. I removed the unit and can get the fan to spin when applying 12v to the pin on the back, but no display still.

I put the unit back in and noticed in the dark the screen does flicker slightly but it's only visible when it's very dark in the car. I've been reading through this forum an it sounds like sometimes they just die out, but I was hoping someone might have some other ideas on valid tests to run or other items to check.

A little background, the (new) battery was dead when I first looked at the car, we jumped it and everything was fine, music and display both worked after jumping. The car was put on a trickle charger over night to bring the battery up, but I can't confirm if it worked ok or not immediately after that, just that a week later when I picked up the car it was out.

Vagcom scan simply states it can not communicate with the radio.

Thanks for any insight or direction you can point me.
If it is toast, are they able to be rebuilt, or should I just look for a new one?

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