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backorder sat radio T8s plug - fakra for XM

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okay so two parts needed for sat retrofit one basically unavailble the other can be made not bought.

not sure if anybody was trying to retrofit nav and needed this plug...its on intergalatic backorder so i went to Fry's (local electronics store) and got 8 pin "molex" plug with unistalled pins. Fits fine and with little adjustment works great.

also if people were looking for antenna and were buying new Fakra plug end (brown) - this is not necessary it is very easy to mod curry Fakra with drill bit (either drill or heat drill bit and melt) - all that is needed is to add a "notch".

anyways not sure if this helps anyone but i can take pics and get part numbers if needed.
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Pictures and part numbers would be great and are always appreciated but others. Did you get both T8s and T8r from Fry's or just the T8s?
T8s from frys the T8r is only $3 and instock at audi

they do have something that would work for T8r plug as well i suppose but i would have to go back and look....anyways i will get part numbers and pics tonight if time.

btw know anyone who needs an ME3 brand new its a bit big for B5 glovebox
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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