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Back up DVD for personal use

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I can help you by making a backup of your existing NAV DVD. Only for personal use, one backup is allowed!!
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I use 2 Sony's, a 500A for reading and a 710A for writing as it's a DL disk.

As for the disks, I use RiDisc DVD+R DL

And Alcohol 120% is the software.

I have that writer, but just the writer, not the casing, it's installed in my own USB 2 case, but the same principal.

There are lots of myths surrounding what media, readers and writers to use for copying various disks. I may have just fell lucky with mine, everything worked first time.

But when I was creating a SW update disk for my old CD based navi, I tried about 10 different brands of CDR before I could find one that would read.

1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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