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b7 navplus

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I have been searching the forums for a bit now but cant seem to track down the answers to the following (i have a dec 05 b7 s-line diesel man) UK

I dont have dis and wondered if dis is req for nav or can i add dis just by changing wiper stalk? *edit just read another post about this and it appears i need a different water bottle sensor and vag-com to chabge some settings (can a friendly dealer change these settings with thier kit)?

I have no 'sharkfin' so i assume i can add the gps under the dash (i read this on here just suprised it worked)

Assuming i can add nav, i need a dvd unit (RNS-E), cd multichanger (as i dont have at the mo), GPS aerial and a double din cage (i assume this as my concert 2 is sinle din, i will also need to move the climate box down (again i assume it can be 'moved')

This all started while lokking at installing my old thbbury car kit from my old audi (b5 1.8 se). Then i started finding out about bluetooth adapters (Audi ones). As my car is an ex-demo so icouldnt spec the car integration.

From what i have read (and understand) this comm buss thing (CAM) tell the nav-e box all it needs to know (apert form gps location) and it appears to be not that hard to retrofit. Am i way off here, are my assumptions just plain wrong lol!!!.

Cheers for any pointers on this or just tell me to go home

PS Im not scared of cutting into looms as long as i have some sort of diagram (im an electronic engineer)

ALso i have read on here about colour dis upgrades but this looks like alot of hassle or am i wrong here too?

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