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Hi All, I fitted the MFSW tonight, and I’m getting the following error in vag-com.

VAG-COM Version: Release 607.3-UD

Control Module Part Number: 8E0 953 549 R
Component and/or Version: Lenksáulenmodul 0701
Software Coding: 04342
Work Shop Code: WSC 00000
1 Fault Found:
01426 - Controls in Steering Wheel (E221)
49-00 - No Communications

I’ve checked to make to make sure I have the right modules
SCSM 8E0 953 549 R
Airbag wiring harness 4F0 971 589 A

Now I’ve checked my car regarding the slip ring and I found the following sticker on it with part number 4E0953541 but it did not say B on the end.. I’ve checked my vin number using etka 7 and it say the car has 4E0 953 541 B.

The coding for the wheel is 04342.

Any ideas? The only things I can think of is the plug on for the multifunction is not pushed all the way, or I have a faulty SCSM module. Any ideas.

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