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I'm interested in specs for the Bose amp that comes as an extra on the B7 A4. After owning the car for about 5 months the sound quality begins to annoy me, especially the hiss that is always present when the amp is not being fed with a signal. So, i've started thinking of replacing the amp and maybe the speakers with something better. I'd like to ask if anyone knows whether the bose uses transistors or an IC chip as an output driver. Judging from it's size i'd pick the IC chip rather than MOSFet transistors..Maybe that's why it tends to distort when playing at high volumes.
Also, (and most important) where does the amp get it's power from? I mean, is a seperate wire run directly from the car's battery like in all high-end setups? I'm asking because if this is true then the exchange with another amp shouldn't be too difficult. On by battery connector however there are two seperate wires, but then again the second one could supply power to other electronics in the vehicle and not the amp...
Any clues guys?
Thanks in advance for any info you can provide me with.

Best regards,
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