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B6 without Nav upgrade to RNS-E: what will dash display?

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Hi, I've got a B6 without navigation that I'd like to upgrade to the RNS-E. If I ugprade, what will my dash display? I have the single-color (red) display between my speedo & tach. Currently, it displays simple things like what FM station I'm on. I'm assuming it will NOT display Navigation info, but I'm wondering if it will still be able to display things like FM station after I upgrade RNS-E. Thanks.
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You should be able to get radio stations, MP3 title, CD track and navigation after proper coding STG 17 with VAG-COM. See for possibles codes.
Just installed RNS-E in my 2004 Audi A4 (and AudiA4B6US recoded my VAG codes ;) )
Dash / cluster display will show basically everything including
radio station / MP3s / Navigation or XM

this is fast picture I took this morning

Is it confirmed the RNS-E US version works with Sat radio?
Well it shows XM in band list ;)

I just got new cables today with CD changer (supposely SAT radio is working on the same connection) & phone wires and I will make some tests today.

Does your car already have XM radio from the factory?

Mine is a 2002 and does not, but I'm hoping it would be pretty easy to install if I had the US RNS-E.
I had prewired car and bought OEM XM radio from Audi.
I'll have to wire it myself. Do you have any idea what I would need to run? I assume I would also need another antenna...or would it use the same one as the RNS-E?
No clue 8-[ I think you could find more info about that on AudiWorld ;)
I too am still trying to figure out how to add SAT to my 2003 A4. It is also not pre-wired. I think it's just a matter of making the harnesses. I have the wiring diagrams from the Bentley manual, but without looking at a prewired car, I don't know where they physically go.
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