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B6 install going horribly wrong!!

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Hi all,

I'm haveing an issue with my install. javascript:emoticon(':cry:')
Crying or Very sad

When inserting the RNS-E into the dashboard, it's hard to get it locked in.
When it finally goes in, there is a gap at the top of the unit between the cup holders, and the top of the NAv unit.

I'm pretty sure this gap should not be there.

The issue looks like either the DIN aperture in my car, or the unit.

I've published 2 photos here (hope it works!!):[\img]

Notice that the NAV unit on the right, has a locking flange in the middle as well as the top and bottom, while the original Symphony 2 unit only has locking flanges at the top and bottom.


We can see here in the middle of the DIN housing there is a peice sticking out (not sure how to describe it.

Anyone have any idea if both these parts are meant to be like that?


Ray :cry: [/siteimg]
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I get an error for the second picture but the units look the same here. The RNS-E you have is an A4 unit and from the previous messages I understood you have a A4 B6, do you?

The correct links are:

The car is an A4 B6. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. The symphony II slots back in correctly.


I've updated the following picture with where I think the problem is.
Can someone confirm if there rns-e has a tab where I've highlighted, or if it is flat, like the symphone II unit?

I think your unit is pretty messed up. It looks like you got an A4 "C" unit with an A6 faceplate and a custom aluminum profile.

This is how my RNS-E ("C" unit) looks:

You can see that the frame is much smaller, and the alu profile is almost not visible from the side. And yes, my RNS-E body looks like yours. Same tab, same place.
I think you could be right. It's looking like a nightmare!!
How can I verify if this unit is for an A6?

Is the only way a test fit in an A6?
Anyone have one near London UK that they want to try this unit on?

An alternative solution.

Anyone know where the A4 fascia can be sourced from?
Since you cannot trust anything on that unit anymore, I would recommend to do the following:

Connect the unit to your car using the adapter you got. All the RNS-E are basically connected the same way, at least consistant enough for the next step.

Take your VAG-COM cable and check STG 56. It will tell you the part number of your unit. If it's not a 8E0 035 192C then it's not even the right top cover as shown in your pictures. If it's a 8E0 035 192C then you have an A4 unit and all what's missing is the right faceplate.

Next look at the back of the faceplate. There might be something which says A6 on the left or right back side of the faceplate. We had once someone on the Yahoo forum who got a spare A3 faceplate and it had A3 shown on the back of the faceplate.

You are in a bad position because the A4 unit will not work in an A6. The A4 unit requires speed over CAN which is not the case in the A6.

As next step I would recommend to go into engineering mode and read the serial number off the unit. I would carefully research if this is a stolen device. This may give you some additional arguments when you get back to the seller to get your money back.

Sorry for not having better news. Good luck!
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Thanks for that.
I'm certainly going back to the seller about this. Not sure how much good thats going to do me. This was handled by a friend who bought the unit while on holiday in Poland for me.

I asked the question here before about model numbers and the differences. I'm confident that once the unit is "coded for the faceplate" that it will take "speed over CAN" or "Speed over Gala" as needed.

Anyway, thanks for your advice.
Once last comment: You cannot code an A4 unit to take speed from the v-wire, the pin in not connected in an A4 unit. You can however code an A6 unit to use speed over CAN. This is probably what happend to your A4 faceplate which now sits happily on an A6 unit which is coded for an A4...
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