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B6 A4 with Concert stereo

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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this and am interested in getting a nav system for my B6 A4. I did a search for my question but didn't find an answer, unless it was implied some where I didn't see it. My A4 has a Concert stereo and according to another posting the RNS-E is not plug'n playable for cars with the Concert stereo. The question is: am I still able to replace my Concert stereo with a RNS-E? If I could, how? Thanks in advance for anyone's help.
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The RNS-E is electrically plug and play even if you have the ocncert radio now using one a RNS-E adapter similar to the one used with the Symphony II. The issue is that you will need to convert your center console from single DIN to double DIN first. This involves installign a new radio cage and A/C control unit (or modifyng the faceplate of your existing A/C control unit). Not impossible but much more work.
A/C control unit

Cool. That's sounds a bit too easy. How much does the A/C control unit for a double DIN cost?

I found the installation on another thread but it's a link to a German site which of course everything is in German. Any one know if there's an English version? Thanks.
The A/C control unit is new about 500 Euro. But you can get any double DIN B6 A/C control unit from ebay and swap the faceplate.
The double DIN radio cage and new Double DIN centre console are about £65 each from Audi.

The swap is messy but I managed it in about half a day.

The big PITA I had was the new centre console does not come with a pre-cut hole for the armrest. I had to measure and cut it myself with a coping saw!!! Even the centre console I removed (which came installed in the car from the factory) had a hole for the armrest that looked like it had been done with a saw! Nice...

I have an A4 Cabrio though so your experience may be difference...
New center console? Am I missing something? I didn't read anywhere about having to replace the center console.
Some people have managed to get the new double DIN cage into the single DIN center console but there is a seperate part number for the duoble DIN center console, as there is for the A/C control unit.
great. and how much will a new center console cost?
It's about £65.

Here is the single DIN console....

And here is the double DIN console....

Note that the double din cage comes lower down leaving a small gap at the bottom. Some people have cut their old console out themselves to do this, but I would recommend just buying the new console to do a proper job.... you'd have to pull the old one out to cut it anyway.

When all is reinstalled you will not be able to fit this bit back in....

....which is the knobbly bit where you can keep your phone/coins in the single DIN under the climate control. What I did was to saw off the curved bit and force it in under the new climate control. Then its all good.

Remember that your old Concert II will fetch about £200 on eBay... thats what funded a good portion my installation!
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I have converted the German PDF file to English. Well, it's actually broken English, but it does help. I will figure out how to attach it to a post tonight when I get home.

The Double DIN cage cost me about $140 shipped from Europe. You do have to cut the A/C console sides and remove the aluminum bottom. I found that using a dremel tool with sanding drums works well for sanding the sides of the A/C unit. The center console also needs to be cut. Again, using a dremel tool with cutoff wheels seemed to work well. It is definitely a project, but well worth it.
If you do end up cutting your Single DIN console up, I still have my old one... so if you wreck it you can have that if you want! At least it gives you a backup - and as I recall its in good shape!

I personally would go for a new Double DIN console though - if you're spending a fair bit of dosh on the cage and the Nav, you might as well do the whole lot for the sake of £65.

I ended up leaving my chrome bit on the bottom of my climate control after I cut it down and replaced the knobbly plastic bit underneath it. It is no good for storing anything, but looks seamless. Of course this would apply for the RNS-E or the RNS-D - my old RNS-D shown here.

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I didn't think you could get a Concert in an Audi A4 B6 over in the US?
I wish you couldn't get concert in US because it cost me a lot of time and money to convert to double DIN....only to spend about 5 minutes installing the nav.

I have a B6 A4 with concert (upgraded to Nav), and a '06 A3 also with concert. But that's my wifes and she hates the nav so no worries about having to upgrade that one.
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