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B5 S4 RNSE Installed now troubles with speed info

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Please help if possible.

I have a 4BO 035 192P (for A6, converted to USA software).

Its installed in a 2001 S4 Avant (B5), and replace a Symphony I,
with Bose, rear CDC, no phone.

Up until today I've not had the CAN connected. The unit has work great,
but obviously the red DIS did show any info, I had to manually switch the unit from day to night screen, and the buttons did not light up. Nothing surprising.

Today I hooked up the CAN high and low. Opened grey connector behind instrument cluster and placed pins in #5 (Can-H) and #6 (Can-L). Then I ran those wires in (Cat 5 networking cable) to 20 pin connector and patched into the CAN-H to Grey wire with red strip, and CAN-L Grey wire with white strip. So far so good. Turned on dims, button show backlight. All seems good. I go to NAV and put in destination. INfo shows up on red DIS, BUT...BUT it says I'm "off road"??????? (I'm not)

I then read that the Symphony I has the Gala wire at the harness, so I did not tap into the blue connector pin 3 behind the instrument cluster, but rather verified the white wire with the blue stripe was connected to the 8 pin RNSE adaptor and going to connector B pin 3 (V-Siganal) on the RNSE unit.

My understanding is it is NOT reccomended to tap the Gala behind the instrument cluster with this setup.

Now Vag com.

NAV 37 is recoded to 0509113

My understanding is I have to use the 5 as the second code to tell it that its an A6 (rather than 3 for A4/S4) so it will get the speed signal?

The last digit is a 3 for CD changer, although my original Symphony I had a 7 as the last number...any ideas or concerns?

I also had to run a ground wire to the chasis of the RNSE from the adaptor
I think it was in the 8 pin where it said CDC GRD on teh Symphony I. When that ground wire is attached, teh rear CDC is recognized.

OK, everything sounds good. I go for a test drive. Everything works except the map does not move my position. I go to NAV sees 7 satelites...check. I go to engineering mode...Nav info...NO SPEED PULSE! The satelite shows my movement in MPH, but I guess there is no speed infor from the instrument cluster (even though the V -Signal wire seems to be attched as stated above).

I also had to use the reset thing because the NAV would take the radio code when the key was off, then when I switch it on the request for the pin number returns and no matter how many times I try it, it keeps reseting and asking for the code. Oce I reset the unit by pressing the two buttons to reboot it, it worked fine.

The other settings:

ST 37 (NAV) > ADAPT >

CH1 = 1930 tire size
CH2= 8 (does not seem to want to let you change this)
CH3= 0 (0 or 1 is the only option)
CH4 = 1 (I changed this to 7 as a test)
CH8= 10
CH10= 0
CH 136 = 10 (I changed it to 5)

ST 17 (Instrument)

CH62 = 5 (changed to get red DIS to show info, which is does)

Please, any suggestion on what to check to resolve my non-moving map situtation and lack of speed signal?????
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Update on ST 37 channel settings


My Chan 37 (NAV) settings were not listed properly in the past post.
My setting below:

CH1= 1930 (tire size)
CH2= 8 (no idea what that is)
CH3= 7 (English)
Ch7=15 (speed/time/date info structure)
Ch8= 10 (no idea what this is)
Ch10= 0 (Norther Hemisphere...and BOY is it COLD1! :cry: )
CH 136= 5 ( Left Hand Drive for USA)

Also getting this error code from VAG:

Coding PIN 004
NO Signal

Thats new. Might explain probelms with entering code? All I know is I reset the radio and it took the code first time.
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One last thing

Read through posts again. Uncertain about Gala wire.

Do I need to tap gala from blue connector behind instrument cluster yes or no
some have said yes, other no. Remeber, 2001 B5 S4, orginal radio was Symphony I, DIS is red and has clock/time windo by tach.

Alos, I've read several post about no movement on map like mine, problems, etc, then a few hours later everything works? CAN bus updating ECU's takes time?
In B5 I am almost sure you do need the GALA wire connected, and the RNS coded as A6... just as you have done. It seems like you already have the speed signal wire in your symphony harness, so I'm not sure why it would not work. Verify that your plug and play harness is wired properly. The GALA wire should be in Symphony Conn III, Pin 1... connected to the RNS pin B3. I say this because my PNP harness was wrong when I bought it.
2005, an RNSE Odessey


Remember in 2001 a Space Oddessey when the HAL 9000 says "Dave, why dont you sit down take a relaxing pill and think about it" (my Dell tells me this all day long, and of course I ignore it) :wink:

Good news: I reset/rebooted the unit from the front of the panel, VagCom
all the proper settings again, erased all error codes, and most importantly...I let it sit for an hour...then everything works perfectly (save the know issue with the clock).

I did not tap the Gala wire from the instrument cluster. If you have B5, you MAY NOT need to IF the Gala wire is available at the harness where it plugs into the RNSE harness (its a white wire with a blue stripe), and you have the proper harness adapter that connects that wire to V-Signal in the head unit. The schematics on the units, and on the list make that clear.

I find it very interesting that many have reported that sometimes things dont work quite right when first set up, only to have them start to work properly after a period of time when the CAN Bus updates?

Now about that nagging clock issue...

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I just did install in B5 and had the same issue. CAN H/L are coming from behind the cluster (gray connector pin 5 & 6) and speed signal is coming from behind the cluster as well (blue connector pin 3).

I didn't have time to wait hour so I will have more info tomorrow.
I hope everything will get normal after CAN BUS will update.
When I did the install in a 2002 B5 S4 last weekend we used CAN high/low from the cluster and the existing speed wire from the Symphony I. The RNS-E was coded for an A6 and the only issue we ran into was the constant prompt for the code because the date/time was not set in the cluster.
Roberto et all,
Because you have a Symphony I:
a) best to get the CAN H/L from behind cluster -- sounds like you are already doing that.
b) ALL Sym I's have the analog GALA signal; no need to get it from behind the cluster. Most of the plug/play harnesses don't have the GALA pin/wire setup you have to add it yourself.

These are all common installation issues within the B5/C5 crowd.

Also, I highly recommend adding the pin for the reverse signal.

Skim through section 1 of this pdf...for more details and some pretty pix:

Lee's PDF has more test to read than my pix:

Happy reading!

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