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This post is long so please bear with me.

I have just retrofitted an RNS-E (8E0 035 192 J, hw H71, sw 0260) into my 2001 S4 with Phatnoise, bluetooth but no satellite radio. The bluetooth unit is not yet installed. I modified the RNS-E face plate to fit the B5 console perfectly (see photos at end of post below). My car originally came equipped with the BNS CD-based navigation unit in the trunk, which uses a dial and buttons ahead of the lighter socket in the center console and the DIS. I removed that navi unit because the RNS-E will supercede its function.

I used a Kufatec 34521 RNS-E adapter bundle, including the RNS-E adapter, diversity antenna adapter and radio removal tools. The bundle was ordered to match the features I needed (CD changer=yes, Bose=yes, radio=Symphony I, small BNS Navi=yes, handsfree=yes, car=A4 8D).

I was hoping that the CAN-H and CAN-L signals were pre-wired by Audi to the radio plug (because I had the BNS navi) but alas they weren't (contrary to the Bentley manual wiring diagram). The Kufatec adapter has separate long twisted wire pigtail for the CAN lines so I wired them to the instrument cluster grey connector. Other than that, I mostly followed nsxjr's RNS-E retrofit writeup for his 4B A6 as well as Ted's article.

So far, FM/AM, CD player, and navigation work perfectly. The radio info does show in the instrument cluster DIS, and when navi is in process, the DIS also shows the arrows, bargraphs, and other info correctly. This shows that the RNS-E is communicating with the instrument cluster via the CAN bus just fine.

However, the clock on the RNS-E screen does not match the instrument cluster. Sometimes it seems to sync up, but most of the time they are wildly out of whack. The RNS-E would show a time that's many hours different than the "correct" time in the cluster.

I read about this in nsxjr's article (to which he offered no solution), but I seem to find conflicting info on the net and various forums about this subject. Some people solve the problem by using a CAN emulator, others luck enough to obtain a bjarne CANGate seem to do the trick. Too bad the site is defunct, I am sure the defintive answer could have been found there.

Anyway, I observed something interesting. If I code the radio as 0309113 (for A4 8E), then a DTC is logged as below. If I code it as 0509113 (for A6 4B), no fault is logged. But in both cases the clocks don't sync up.

VCDS Version: Release 17.1.3 Running on Windows XP x86

Address 56: Radio Labels: 8E0-035-192-RNSE.clb
Control Module Part Number: 8E0 035 192 J HW: 8E0 035 192 J
Component and/or Version: RNS-E US H71 0260
Software Coding: 0309113
Work Shop Code: WSC 22133 444 54118
VCID: 2B5EC8D59AE00D196C-5120
1 Fault Found:

01317 - Control Module in Instrument Cluster (J285)
008 - Implausible Signal
Freeze Frame:
Fault Status: 01101000
Fault Priority: 5
Fault Frequency: 1
Reset counter: 161
Time Indication: 0
Date: 2011.06.22
Time: 13:25:28

Freeze Frame:
Bin. Bits: 11011111
Bin. Bits: 11

It would appear that the instrument cluster is sending out time info but the RNS-E doesn't understand it when coded for an A4 8E. But when coded for an A6 4D does it simply ignore it?
Any sage comments or advice?

By the way, my instrument cluster has coding 02264 (I did not change it), but I changed adaptation channel 62 from 4 to 7 as described by nsxjr.

Here is a dump of all my RNS-E's adaptation channels and values for your perusal:
Chan 1 = 1965 (tire circumference)
Chan 2 = 45 (speed signal = Audi A4 8E)
Chan 3 = 7 (language = English US)
Chan 4 = 0 (backup camera = not installed)
Chan 5 = 1 (video in motion = switch off over 5km/h)
Chan 7 = 15 (distance = miles, speed = mph, time = 12 hour, date = mm:dd:yyyy)
Chan 8 = 4 (GALA level = 4)
Chan 10 = 0 (region = nothern hemisphere)
Chan 18 = 0 (start screen = standard)
Chan 65 = 0 (read test)
Chan 66 = 0 (self test)
Chan 67 = 0 (CD/DVD drive = normal eject button enabled)
Chan 68 = 0 (picture test = no)
Chan 69 = 0 (display mechanism = closed)
Chan 70 = 2 (display brightness = 40%)
Chan 99 = 0 (transport mode = inactive)
Chan 111 = 0 (system reset)
Chan 114 = 0 (FM frequency)
Chan 117 = 0 (fader/balance = center)
Chan 136 = 5 (navigational reference = left hand drive USA)


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OK, I found the answer in this thread:

So I need a CANGate developed by bjarne to solve this. I also learned that he stopped selling them around late 2011, so the only way to get one is to find someone who has a spare, removed it from car due to sale, or parted out the car. It's a long shot, but the clock mismatch problem is driving me nuts.

Do you, or know someone who is willing to sell me a CANGate? Please PM me!

P.S. I also found out that the RNS-E when retrofitted into a B5, needs to be coded for a A6 type 4B. It would then use the GALA wire not only for radio volume compensation, but also for navigation. If coded for a A4 8E, the GALA is not used, and the RNS-E expects to receive speed information from the CAN bus, which the B5 (and early C5) instrument cluster does not send. If coded wrong, navigation doesn't work well at all.

P.S.2 I installed the Audi bluetooth module (8P0 862 335 L) and wired it up mostly as described in nsxjr's document. The exception is that I had a factory-installed BNS navi (which I removed), so the wiring for it already has CAN-H, CAN-L and K-line on it. So I didn't need to run long wires from the trunk to the front of the car. The bluetooth module went in the space vacated by the BNS navi/CD reader. It's working great and I'm impressed.
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