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B5 retrofit issues - CAN connections, antenna issues, etc.

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first of all, im getting no antenna reception - it looks like the dude sent me the wrong adapter. What he sent me was a single wire that supposedly connects the antenna lead to the outermost antenna connector of the RNS-E unit. From everything i've seen here, thats the wrong thing.

second, apparently the damned thing isnt getting a CAN signal, even though my original symphony unit was wired for CAN high and CAN low, and my harness carries these connections to the RNS-E on connector D, pins 9 and 10. The original symphony unit harness had wires connected to CAN L and CAN H on the diagram below.

third, the VAG settings for the instrument cluster display dont seem to be working out too well for me. I went into controller 17, adaptation, and set channel 62 to 5, it was originally zero. Still no display.

I'm gonna see what i can do about getting another adapter and go from there, any ideas in the meantime? Thanks!![/img]
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I had the same trouble. The Grey/red and Grey/white twisted wires on your Symphonie 1 isn't the CAN Bus the RNS-E needs. You've got 2 CAN buses in your B5.

You need to get the Display CAN from the back of your instrument cluster. On one of the 3 connecters you'll find a twisted pair of orange cables. I believe its Orange/purple for CANH and Orange/Brown for CANL. Connect those to your pin 9 and 10 on your RNS-E.

There might be the problem now that the RNS-E keeps asking you for the PIN when you switch on the light or ignition. This can usually be fixed by Factory Resetting your RNS-E.

Further, the closest frontplate fit in the B5 will be the RNS-E from the A6 as suppose to the one from the new A4. I bought one form the new A4 and it is to long at top and bottom and too short at the sides.

See here for somebody who fitted the A6 unit in a RS4 B5.

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