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B5 retrofit issues - CAN connections, antenna issues, etc.

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first of all, im getting no antenna reception - it looks like the dude sent me the wrong adapter. What he sent me was a single wire that supposedly connects the antenna lead to the outermost antenna connector of the RNS-E unit. From everything i've seen here, thats the wrong thing.

second, apparently the damned thing isnt getting a CAN signal, even though my original symphony unit was wired for CAN high and CAN low, and my harness carries these connections to the RNS-E on connector D, pins 9 and 10. The original symphony unit harness had wires connected to CAN L and CAN H on the diagram below.

third, the VAG settings for the instrument cluster display dont seem to be working out too well for me. I went into controller 17, adaptation, and set channel 62 to 5, it was originally zero. Still no display.

I'm gonna see what i can do about getting another adapter and go from there, any ideas in the meantime? Thanks!![/img]
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I have a 2002 B5 S4. The CAN high and CAN low pins are wired in the original plugs with grey wires. I can communicate with the RNS-E unit through STG 56 and 37.
The buttons dont light up when the lights are turned on and the unit doesnt turn on and off with the ignition. I read somewhere that often when the CAN wires are grey, they arent really connected and I may have to tap the CAN wires in the cluster. Looking for pictures of exactly what i need to tap now.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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