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B5 install - RNS-E pins 9 and 10 location

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in taylors B5 installation instructions he says

" Using the wiring diagram on top of the unit, find the D connector and locate pins 9 and 10 of this connector. These are the CAN H and CAN L connections to the RNS-E unit, respectively..."

I dont have the unit yet and i am trying to get all the work done before it arives so i can just plug it in. I have the CAN H / L coming from the cluster and i just need to know what wires to cut from the harness to connect them to. It seems that 9 is in the middle on the outside row... and 10 may be below it, but I want to know for sure before i go cutting wires. (pictures would help the best)
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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