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B5 Install questions/issues for RNS-E

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Questions regarding an install for 2001 (B5) S4 Avant with an RNS-E converted to USA firmware.

I have a Symphony II (I think) as it has the rear (Avant) CDC. Will I need an extra or special wiring to make the rear CDC work? Do I have to update with the VagCom so the rear CDC recognized?

Do I need to get a Can Bus emulator? My understanding is I just tap into the wire? If I don't get a Can Bus emualtor what functionality will be lost, or conversly what will I gain by getting one?

My understanding is the RNS-E has no amp for rear do I need something special to make those work or will it use the OEM Bose Symphony II amp for rear that is already installed?

Thanks for your input.

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