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B5 install - CAN H/L ???

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my unit is coming tomorrow in the mail so i am getting everything ready today and had a question. my symphony I unit has CANH and CANL on the wiring diagram, so why do I need to take pins 5&6 off the cluster and route them down to pins 9&10 on the RNS-E ??? I have already done the wiring but I want to make sure i really need to do this before i cut the RNS-E harness.
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Check the plug which goes into the Symphony I. If the wires are there you don't have to get them from the cluster. But if they aren't you will. The diagram on the Symphony may show CAN-H/CAN-L but the wires are not really present.
I have a dark gray cable w/a black line coming out of the CANH and a lighter gray w/a white stripe coming out of the CANL... ???
does anyone know for sure if I need to get the CANH and CANL from the cluster if I have the wires there?
FYI - those two gray wires are NOT enough I had to cut the harness and re-wire the CANH and L for it to work.
see my install pix below; applicable to B5 A4/S4. This process only takes 60-90 minutes. I would plan on mounting the GPS antenna while you are in there too.

With a B5 A4, they didn't start running CAN wires to the Sym HU until 2002. There is a slim chance that you might have one....but probably not both.

PS: Don't strip the phillips head screws when you are removing the inst. it will force you to have to drill them out. Seriously.
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