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AUX-POD Interface Not working

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Hi there,
I used to have Symphony system in my A4 2001, that I replaced with NAV+ this week. I used to connect my IPOD with the Symphony using AUX-POD (

NAV+ don't recognize it anymore, shows CD Changer not found.

I read a few posts, and seems like it could be a grounding issue.

I'm going to try and replace the interface with a spare CD Changer, and see if it is picked up by the NAV+. That way I know my connections are fine.

I was just wondering what to do to make AUX-POD work, if I do get my CD Changer working.

Appreciate your help guys.
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Success ........
I had to ground two wires for the CD Changer (AKA IPOD Interface to work).
Pin 18 on the Connector I is already grounded for the CD Changer. We also need to ground just one more wire.
The red connector is not used for NAV+, but used to be plugged in for Symphony. If u look at the connector diagrams (for Red) on the symphony You will find the there is one more (only one pin) 'GND CD' pin thats need to be grounded, when NAV+ is installed.
As soon as I grounded that pin the IPOD works.
I dunno if u have tried it alredy, worked for me.
yup, that is the common problem with using that aux input with the Nav+. Glad to hear that the PAC device works. Enjoy!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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