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Though I'd share this. If you have a TT with RNS-E and Bose and your not satisfied with the bass output (=lack of it) there are at least two things you can try that may radically improve the sound quality:

1. check if you have Bose firmware version 160 on your Bose sub - you will need VCDS (VAG-COM) to do this under 47 "sound system". I think that all TT's produced 12/2008 or later are likely to have 160 ex-factory. If your version <160 you will need your dealer to upgrade the firmware. The new fw improves bass and sound quality substantially and also improves quality of nav instructions and cell phone sound over the Bose speakers. Your dealer may claim they have never heard of this. Tell them to goto the Audi Intranet Portal "DISS" and look for special instruction TPI 2018637.

2. The other thing you can try, again you'll need VCDS, if your car does not have a diesel engine or has leather interior. Go to 47 "sound system" and change the last digit of the bose coding to "left hand drive/clothing/diesel" (or right hand drive if you are in UK). This will increase bass output substantially.

I've done both on my TTC and Bose and bass now sound very different (=good) than they used to!
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