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Audi Telematics Integration with RNS-E

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Is it possible to fully integrate the Audi Telematics phone with the RNS-E? I have the Motorola V60 phone that Audi of America used to sell, and when I make or receive a call, the RNS-E mutes, but there is no functionality in term of caller ID display, dialing ability, etc that the unit is capable of. It may just be that I'll have to wait until Proxus gets the Bluetooth integration figured out, and I'll scrap the old cradle, etc.

Any thoughts would be very appreciated. You guys are the best! :p :p
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No, the US Telematics can only mute the head unit. If you want more integration you would need to get the OEM BT phone interface (which may or may not work together with OnStar).

BTW, can you take a look to see who makes the cable going from the phone to the connector below the center armrest? Of if there is any number on that plug? I'm planning on using the GSM antenna and power from the phone prep but I don't want to by that $300 kit just to get the plug and cable.

The only number I can find on the enire cradle/cord combo is a Motorola part #8E1 862 407. That is the cradle, and there is nothing on the cord other than the word "Interface" on the plug.

Sorry I can't be more helpful, but that's all I can find!
Thanks. I think I have to remove the passenger seat to see how the cable is connected to the interface and probably build an adapter. We'll see...
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