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I know, it is going on for a long time, but I think that I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

All missing parts, the tray for the B&o amp, the missing harness for the side assist (running on the pass. side of the car to the front, 2 wires going to the pass. door, 2 wires the can interface (extended) and 5 wires going to the driver door, its all on the way.

Will have to to take the bumper off again since a have the wrong harness. Should be a piece of cake now since my last attempt.

The harness we need (in the US) has 2 connectors, 1 to connect to the pass-side-cont(roll-unit) (see picture). The 2nd connector than connects to the above mentioned harness.
One more tip I got from Germany is that, if you are using the original wiring (I could not even think not using it !) for the B&O system that there is absolutely no margin in regard to the placement of the wiring inside the interior, you give it a little more slack at the main connector to the amp and the rest of the wiring will be to short everywhere else. That the reason I did not start yet with the installation yet.

Will be back soon.

Looking to do this retrofit, have installed the loom in the bumper and mirrors, but trying to understand the second 12 pin plug from the bumper wire-loom. Do you have any wiring diagram from your install or the pin layout of what goes to the each door and the button in the a pillar. Any assistance would be grateful. Thanks
21 - 21 of 21 Posts