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Hello to all

My Name is Shikar and I am from South Africa.
I am currently driving an Audi S3 2008 model.
I am currently trying to set my car up for the drag strip,
but I find myself having a launching problem.
My car's throttle closes when I try and launch my car at 5000rpm.
I was informed by fellow SA Audi guys that I should have the Firmware updated.
When I asked Audi SA, their reply was that if I could supply them with the latest Version
and Code number, they will try and help.
My Question is, does anyone know what is the latest code and version for the Audi S3 2008 8p?

All help much appreciated.

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You posted this in a forum for sat nav firmware, but you are talking about engine management firmware so I have moved your post to the A3 8P Forum.
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