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Audi OEM BT Phone kit

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I am trying to install the genuine Audi BT Phone kit into my 2001 (2002 model) A4. I have retrofitted the RNS-E which works perfectly. the RNS-E I have is 8E0 035 192 C. Audi tell me you can't retrofit the BT phone kit as my car does not have phone prep (they told me I couldn't retrofit the sat nav as well though! (-:

Does anyone know A) If it can be done on a car without phone prep?
B) What part numbers I need to order from Audi UK?
C)If I can buy it from anyone other than Audi? D)Does the kit come with a cradle for charging the phone?

I would like the Audi one so I can have all the function throught the RNS-E but if its not possible does anyone have a recommendation and supplier of a different one that will auto mute etc? Thanks for a great forum!
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Your best bet is to speak to Craigyb on this forum. He is the fountain of all knowledge for BT OEM kits. I spoke to him today and I know that he has lots of Audi BT kits being delivered in the next few days!

The most busy post in this section: ttp://

Almost everything can be retrofitted.
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