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Does anyone have an idea what may be causing the following fault.

“2008 Audi A4 2.0 TFSI Cabriolet B7 Sline SE”

My Audi Navigation Plus unit was working fine until one day I turned the ignition on and it had no power. I checked the 15amp fuse behind the unit (it’s fine), and then took out the 20amp fuse in cars fuse box (it was fine). Upon reinserting the 20amp fuse back into the cars fuse box, I realised the unit turned on and seems to be working fine. When the cars ignition key is pulled out the unit switches off, so it seems to be communicating with the ignition. I’ve checked all relays and fuses next to cars ECU and they all seem fine.

Therefore, I have a audi navigation plus unit which would not power up after it completely switches off. The only way to regain power to the unit is to either pull the unit out of the dashboard using the 4 keys and pull out its power cable and reinsert it, or to pull its fuse out and reinsert it.

I am completely baffled with the issue, and was wondering if anyone can offer any help or advise.
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